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Taos Artist Jim Cox


  Portrait of Jim Cox

by Elizabeth B. Mitchell


Taos New Mexico Artist Jim Cox is a  painter and teacher in Northern New Mexico.  Known for an impeccable technique reminiscent of the mid-19th century American art movement of Hudson River Valley landscape painters, Jim's landscapes explore the beauty of New Mexico, Cape Cod, The Grand Tetons, Tuscany and more.

Jim Cox paints classical still life portraits with an approach to subtle mood changes in shadows and a Rembrandt style of single light source. Cox paints with a masterful use of light, color, and shadow in still life and landscape. 

Jim also commissions portraitures.  Jim Cox's art can be seen at the famous Blumenschein Museum and Gallery in Taos.  He is the owner of Taos' favorite framing store, "Taos Do It Yourself Picture Framing", winner of Taos' Best Award.

A graduate of the Schuler School of Fine Art of Baltimore Maryland, Jim apprenticed with famed artist Dahlhart Windberg and is a guest artists and teacher at the  Windberg Art Center in Georgetown, Texas.

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