Aspen Song "Blue Lake" by Geraldine Lujan-Trujillo

Size: 30" X 40"


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In 1970 President Nixon returned Pueblo's 48,000 acres of mountain land taken by President Theodore Roosevelt and designated as the Carson National Forest early in the 20th century. Blue Lake, which the people of the Pueblo traditionally consider sacred, was included in this return of Taos land. The Pueblo's web site names the acquisition of the sacred Blue Lake as the most important event in its history due to the spiritual belief that the Taos natives originated from the lake itself.

Geraldine has painted a beautiful moment where the natives escape to Blue Lake to frolic in its waters.  Her vivid blues and the lovely dance of the aspens record a place where no one except the Pueblo Natives are allowed to go. Here is a fun day for the Braves and Sisters.  The leaves are painted in metallics and shimmer.

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