"Jack Olive" by Christine Autumn

Size: 17 x 28


"Jack Olive hung in 1911 found on a post card on the web. I used KKK sites, Without Sanctuary book of published post cards Photographs, and any image on sites that interested me. These images are healing memories that need their names heard and released to the great cosmic mother represented by the moon. The spectators are ignorant of that they- the spectators are also being observed by all that is. No one or nothing is judging. "

Jack seems to be caught in mid sentence as if he is trying to verbalize a lost thought.  The halo seems to sanctify this horrific act. His angel self is suspended like a second skin, lifeless (regard the hands with released energy as compared to Hanging Jack's clenched fists) and impassive as the moon...silent observers.  The trio of creatures on the left are also passive, oblivious, which contributes to illogical, inhuman act of cruelty.  And who is the pig?

This work is completed in colored pencils on paper and is available rolled and sent to the purchaser in tubes. It is highly recomended that the buyer frame the work under glass to preserve the integrity of the colors and paper. Christine will be happy to matte and frame your selected painting at your request. See prices below.

Actual size of work 17x28

Price unframed $375.00 (Shipped rolled in mailing tube).

Price framed and under glass $465.00 (Professionally shipped)

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