"Miss Laura Nelson" by Christine Autumn

Size: 11 x 17


"Found in a book Without Sanctuary on its website. She was the beginning of my fixation with this seemingly dismal subject. A chord is struck and I am compelled to honor the tumultuous deaths of the hung, the disenfranchised, the hidden truths about mankind and mans inhumanity to man. I believe great healing is needed and this is my solo attempt for personal as well as global healing."

Note the prevelant moon throughout Christine Autumn's pieces. There is a sense of acceptance among  the images despite the disturbing subject matter...a softness that seems to resolve the horrific incident.  These works remind us of the continual cycle of death, decay and rebirth and growth.  The healthy verdure is almost too thick, threatening to take over the pitiful act of death...the complacent blind innocence of the little white girl in the corner...the peaceful all knowing face of Miss Laura Nelson...the assurance of the ankh symbol.

This work is completed in colored pencils on paper and is available rolled and sent to the purchaser in tubes. It is highly recomended that the buyer frame the work under glass to preserve the integrity of the colors and paper. Christine will be happy to matte and frame your selected painting at your request. See prices below.

Actual size of work 17x11

Price unframed $375.00 (Shipped rolled in mailing tube).

Price framed and under glass $465.00 (Professionally shipped)

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