Prairie Dog and Bear by Christine Autumn

Size: 18 x 12


Prairie Dogs are a regular fixture in New Mexico.  Often ignored and mistreated, Christine Autumn has held a long standing fascination with these creatures.   Her Prairie Dogs are memorable personalities, sentient characters in the artists world of spiritual and social commentary. The artists' teasing sense of humor with a bold statement about our culture and a message of unity between the creatures of this earth gives one time to pause and think.  Christine Autumn's Prairie Dog series are beautiful carefully thought out and colorful images with a message to all.  Her fantasyland includes a symbology both obscure and simple.

" Whimsical creatures get along. The new moon guides their way." writes Christine about "Prairie Dog and Bear".

We are in love with this oversized Prairie Dog who has a star in the sky echoed in his wonderfully cool orange sneakers.  The claws of Mr. PD give the Bear something to think about. The brilliant green cactus, rolling mountains and blue blue sky are true to the artists home in Northern New Mexico.

This work is completed in colored pencils on paper and is available rolled and sent to the purchaser in tubes. It is highly recomended that the buyer frame the work under glass to preserve the integrity of the colors and paper. Christine will be happy to matte and frame your selected painting at your request. See prices below.

Actual size of work 11 x 17

Price unframed $375.00 (Shipped rolled in mailing tube).

Price framed and under glass $465.00 (Professionally shipped)

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