Rubin Stacey

Size: 11 x 16


"Rubin Stacey hangs with two butterflies fly above the young white girl who Watches with a sweet smile on her face. The butterflies are the spirits, the moon a goddess observing- because that is what they do observe and not interfere. What we do on earth is seen in all dimensions throughout the universe. "

The world that Christine Autumn brings to us in these disturbing yet poignant paintings are realistic in their truth and supernatural in their interpretation.  Her love for pattern and color is prevelant but within this cloak runs a story of truth and dreams.

This work is completed in colored pencils on paper and is available rolled and sent to the purchaser in tubes.  It is highly recomended that the buyer frame the work under glass to preserve the integrity of the colors and paper.  Christine will be happy to matte and frame your selected painting at your request.  See prices below.

Actual size of work 11x16

Price unframed $375.00(Shipped rolled in mailing tube).

Price framed and under glass $465.00 (Professionally shipped)

Shipping and Handling are included in the price. Check out our paypal buttons below.

Shipping and Handling are included in the price.  Check out our paypal buttons below.