Sadie Observing a Taos Day Archival Print by Bill Binger

Size: 8" x 10"



This Archival Print is produced on Archival Paper and Matte with Archival Ink. The colors are brilliant and are a signature of Bill Binger's work. Bill works with high quality DaVinci watercolour paints directly from the tube to preserve a wonderful colour palette.

Bill Binger prints and paintings are collected all over the country and are exclusively sold in Taos Artists Collective in Taos New Mexico.

This print "Sadie Observing a Taos Day" is one in a series of several "Sadie" images. Dear Sadie passed not too long ago but was Bill's steadfast companion and sweet model among many of Binger's Taos Landscapes.  She roamed the hills with Bill in Pilar and New Mexico.  Sadie images are some Binger's most popular sales in Taos and now on the internet at 

In this particular image Bill paints the beautiful adobe dwellings that are part of Taos and New Mexico (especially northern New Mexico).  These buildings are ancient and also evident in the structures of the famous Taos Pueblo.  The bricks come from the particular tenacious clay soil and are traditionally mixed with straw and baked in the sun.  The a fine layer of clay and straw are plastered periodically, after the structure is built. on the walls.  Many churches and structures are created from adobe in Northern New Mexico and their beautiful pinks and browns and low profile architecture add a quaint ambiance to our area.

This structure is a combination of two buildings that Bill was familiar with and loved. The brightly painted flowers, holly hocks and trees and sunny patio are frequent visual pleasures we see in Taos.

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