Valdez Valley Gold by Artist Olgateresa Gonzalez Baigas

Size: 16" x 19.5"


This is a subjective view of Valdez Valley in Des Montes, Northern New Mexico laced in gold enamels to enhance the play of morning light across the landscape. The road on the lower right hand plunges over 600 ft to the valley floor and into the sleepy town of Valdez. The mountains on the left side house Gallina Canyon and Deer Mesa going north to Questa.

"This is the Valdez Valley, Des Montes in Northern New Mexico. I live perched on the Rim Road 600' over the valley floor. Ravens float on the rushing air currents. The Valdez Valley or El Valle Valdez is the throat of the the famous Taos Ski Valley Canyon leading the way to some of the highest mountains in New Mexico and in the Rockies. What a special place. Painting this scene which changes by the hour and is never the same from one day to the next, is a struggle and a joy. To the right, out of our view is the famous Taos Mountain..a spiritual center entrenched in history and property of the Pueblo Nation. I could paint this valley forever. I am looking North East. If you are to turn your head to the West the view is the vast expanses our western desert terrain and the Taos Plateau.."

This is one of Olgateresa's favorite paintings and properly hung it picks of different light throughout the day.

Beautifully framed this painting is professionally hung and makes an excellent Christmas gift.

Shipping is included.