Katherine Soskin

Creative Spirit Art • Art From The Heart • by Katherine Soskin

For awhile now after 9/11, I have experienced a change in America. People, who were once excited, vibrant, individuals, have lost their Light. Others were in survival or fear or committed desperate acts. I could not sit still any longer.
We need to move back to loving and nurturing ourselves. Love is stronger than any other emotion. Love heals and if we can learn to truly love ourselves and others, we can become a stronger nation, one person at a time.
To assist people in reclaiming their love and power, I have created a new product called F.F.T. – Food For Thought!
F.F.T. is an inexpensive, but profound, product that can help us raise our vibration and make us feel better, one thought at a time.
Tie Dye Bags, colorful burlap bags or containers hold either 30 or 60 of these gems for any adult or child or someone in need of healing or a dose of Spirituality. “Instead of reaching for the sweets, Fill YOURSELF up with these Positive Affirmations, Inspirations and Meditations for YOU!!! They are 0 calories, full of LOVE and come from my Heart to YOURS! Have 1 daily, or have a few and share them with Friends who may need a pick-me-up! Feel YOUR Vibration elevate as YOU help the world and yourself, One Person at a Time!” More information and how to purchase Food For Thought is coming soon.

I have used creativity as an outlet for my health challenges throughout my life. Whether through song, cooking, writing, photography, poetry, prayer or painting, I have been very blessed to have as mentors, teachers in art and in the art of living.
My painting is a reflection of my travels - a palette for others to view the beauty of our world through watercolor, pastel, oil or acrylic. The pieces capture the incredible beauty of our world. Spirituality in nature is a main theme in all my art.
Being told “It’s a miracle you are alive”, has given me wonderful purpose. It is a great day when I can assist another in removing the rocks on his or her path to allow the person to grow into the amazing creature intended by God.
For over twenty-five years, I have painted and photographed landscapes from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Greece, Israel, the Galapagos Islands, the Americas and especially the Midwest, and now the Southwest.
My art (including photography) has appeared in one-woman shows at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, IN, Bedazzled Gallery and Boutique in Carmel, IN, the Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis, IN, the Carmel Library in Carmel, IN, as well as other venues.
I have recently created a new and exciting board game, details coming soon.
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Reflections on the Gorge painted by Katherine Soskin